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Thursday July 8, 2010

Posted on: July 8, 2010 4:11 pm
LeFarve makes his decision tonight so what should I talk about.  I choose to talk a little common sense about...Cycling.  Why?  Because the biggest cycling event is taking place and no one is watching or talking about it.  Sure the updates are out there, here on CBS sports and ESPN and Yahoo.  But all the excitement is gone.  It's been a couple of years since Armstrong retired from the sport.  Since then we have had other winners of the Tour de France.  But none of them were American.  Yes I know there was one who was stripped of the victory.  But he wasn't the real winner of the Tour.  So it looks like this sport will take another hit this year as Armstrong continues to play it safe with the contenders and wait for an opportunity or two to try to get the yellow jersey.  But if you even slightly interested in the sport and are watching daily.  You can see, it's just not the same guy anymore.

So common sense dictates, we let this sport kind of die out in our collective minds.  That is, until the next Lemond or Armstrong captivates us and we go back to watching the online updates during work hours in July.

Tomorrow...LeFarve...biggest ego ball three superstars...and what does it mean for the NBA.
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